Why fly private?
Business aviation has a small carbon footprint and an exemplary environmental record.

—Information via NBAA

Your safety is our top priority.

At International Group, we are dedicated to safety. Our pilots are among the best-trained in the business, and our aircraft are carefully maintained. We make sure that nothing is overlooked or taken for granted. In short, we don’t just meet FAA regulations, we strive to exceed them.

ARG/US Rating

Gold Rating – The independent ARG/US rating system is the most detailed, accurate safety rating system for charter operators, and provides useful information for buyers and passengers. The Gold level is assigned to operators who meet or exceed established ARG/US standards. These standards confirm the operator’s legitimacy, safety record, and liability insurance, as well as pilot training and certification. In addition to pilot qualifications, the ARG/US Gold rating evaluates the operator’s aircraft, taking into account such factors as the equipment’s age, modern avionics, progressive maintenance, and proven safety devices such as TCAD/TCAS, FMS, and TAWS/GPWS.

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