Why fly private?
Business aviation has achieved a safety record that is comparable to that of major airlines.

—Information via NBAA

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Fractional Ownership
Aircraft Management
1-25 flight hours per year
50-100 flight hours per year
50-400 flight hours per year
300+ flight hours per year
Priced per trip
25-100 hour increments
50 hour increments
Purchase whole aircraft
Different aircraft and crew each trip
Access to specific aircraft
Access to program aircraft and crew
Access to your aircraft and crew
No contract
12-24 months
5 year contract
5 year contract

Charter service for the occasional traveler.

IG charter service is available 24/7 to destinations anywhere in the world. You’ll avoid all the hassles associated with commercial airport travel, like check-in lines, security procedures, and layovers! There’s no commitment associated with charter travel with IG, so you can pick up and go anytime. Charter excursions are priced per trip.

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